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Casper’s First Direct Primary Care Practice

Direct primary care eliminates the layers of red tape that patients have to work through to receive care.
Direct-to-doctor, direct-to-care with a text or phone call.

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Membership is limited

The size of this practice is limited. That gives us the opportunity to spend more time with each patient to listen to concerns, answer questions and even make house calls when necessary.

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What are people saying?

  • “Rave! Dr Jason Strand. The man took a risk switching to the Direct Pay System, and I couldn’t be more appreciative that he did. Today was my first appointment. It’s a crazy experience to just sit in an office with your doctor and have a candid and professional conversation about your health and well being. This system is saving my family literally ...” Read more.
    Lucas Cogdill
  • “He is such a great doctor! This is a perfect fit for him because he is about patient care and the one on one.”
    Amy Wilhelms
  • “Hands down the best damn doctor there is!!!! All my kids are on Medicaid, however when he left, I took my daughter who has quite a bit of medical issues and followed him. So worth it!!!! …VERY affordable.”
    Jamie Wilson
  • “LOVE Dr. Strand!!!”
    Jennifer Bonnett
    Staci Daugherty Garner
  • “My family and I also switched over immediately when he left his previous practice and couldn’t be happier with the service and experience we are having currently it’s great everyone should do it”
    Jonathan Tieszen
  • “It works awesome. He is so available. Text. Phone call. In person. It works out great for us too!!”
    Jan Weber-Nelson
  • He’s the best doctor. Very knowledgeable, honest, caring and a great listener.”
    Kelly Bonnet